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What is keeping YOU from having your life filled with the Father?

Fill Our Lives

The world is a distraction from the Father. We need to fill our lives with the Father so that there is no room for anything else.

If we fill up with our Father so that it consumes us, there is no room for anything else. The father is light and the world is darkness – they can’t coexist!. If we have temptations that means that we are not full of the Father which leaves no room for darkness (temptation, hate, anger – Anger belongs to YHWY).

When people came to Yashua and asked what they needed to do to follow him or to enter the Kingdom, He knew what their stumbling blocks were and when he told them to get rid of that they often went away sad like the rich young ruler who couldn’t get rid of everything that he had.

What is distracting us from the Father and the Spirit? Are we willing to get rid of that even if it means cutting off our arm or removing an eye (or both of them)? Think about your day. What happens during your day that causes you to think about things other than our Father and his Kingdom. Can we get rid of that or will we make excuses why we can’t get rid of it.

When we let the Father consume us completely, there is no room for anything else. There is no room for temptation or evil in our lives. We have to clear the weeds from our garden. Not once but every time so they don’t establish roots. If we do this at the first sign of them appearing then each time will get easier to get rid of them.

For most of my life, I have struggled with an addiction to pornography. I tried to hide it from others and even myself. When I got married it would often rear its ugly head and threaten our marriage. I would lie about it, confess and ask forgiveness but it would come back. At one point I confessed to a pastor who offered to be an accountability partner. We read the bible together once a week which seemed to help for a while however the temptation was frequent. At times I could fight it off – other times not which would start with me trying to make deals with the devil. I told myself that it wouldn’t hurt or be wrong if I just entertained the thought of the images. Instead of plucking the weeds at their first sign of appearance, I let them grow a little which in the blink of an eye were out of control.

The point I am making is that “we” can not control things like this. People are not evil, but if we allow evil into our lives, it will overpower us and consume us. The only defense is to cry out to the Father with everything we have… because our life depends on it. When we believe in the power of our Father and realize that He is the only one with the power to conquer. The closer we follow in the Father’s footsteps, the more protection we will have from Him. The closer we are to him, the easier it is for us to hear his instructions on how to avoid the snares that are set on either side of the narrow path.

YHWH loves his children and doesn’t want them to stumble, but they have to look to him and be listening in order to hear the warnings He is giving.
Not long ago, my family had some difficult experiences which caused me to realize that matters were way beyond “my control” and out of desperation, I cried to the Father. I begged, and cried… a lot. I felt devastated like everything that “I” had ever done was wasted and full of mistakes even things I had thought were done right. The morning after being up all night worrying and praying, I felt the strangest sense of peace. Then I understood, my Father was trying to get my attention. He wants us close to him. He wants to protect us since we can’t do it on our own. This realization hit me hard and I understood how it is all about His love for his children, but we have to allow Him to fill us completely so there is no room for “the world” in our lives since they both can not be in us at the same time.

When we say that it is too hard to follow the the law, we are making excuses for not getting rid of everything from the world in our lives that distracts us from him. When we fill our lives with the Father and his glory there is no room for anything like addictions. If 1 demon is cast out of our lives, we better fill the empty space completely with our Father otherwise that demon will be back with more like him. But if we fill up every cranny with the father so that it consumes us there is no room for the enemy or his servants to get a foot hold in our lives. Then following the two greatest commandments are so easy, we will not even have to think about them. Loving our father with all our heart and mind and loving our neighbor as ourself. All of the other commandments are based on those two. Following the commandments is not how we get to the Father. Following the Word is the outcome of being filled to the top with the love from our heavenly Father.

I pray every day for strength to get through the day and ask for instructions on what to get rid of from my life that will block my view of Him or be a stumbling block. I have a long way to go and I know that I will be attacked many times, but I know my Protector is there as long as I keep my eyes on him rather than the things of this world. I look forward to becoming closer and loving Him more as time passes. I am thankful now that every time, the thought of pornography starts to enter my mind, I can turn away and let myself be filled with the wonderful saving love from our Father.